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King Car is a Food & Beverage group with many successful brands to its name, including the well-known Mr. Brown coffee chain and products. 

At the time of contacting Subkarma, King Car had just completed the construction of the first ever whisky distillery in Taiwan (Yilan) and was planned to develop and market the liquor as the only fully consumed whisky from Greater China.


The biggest challenge for Subkarma during this project was to position Taiwan as a credible producer in a region with no whisky tradition. In addition, Kavalan -as it was later branded- was the first alcoholic beverage to be sold by King Car, and it was critical to learn about and understand the whisky market in as much detail as possible, with particular focus on Mainland Chinese consumers.


With our extensive reach and experience in conducting both market research and focus groups in both Taiwan and China, Subkarma spared no effort to get inside the mind of Chinese consumers in order to understand different behaviour patterns and attitude towards a new Taiwanese whisky, specifically, and Whisky as a whole.

In-depth focus group discussions in Shanghai were carried out, as well as in-depth interviews with liquor importers and retail channels.As part of the education and learning process in this new market for the King Car Group, Subkarma ran a number of in -depth branding and design workshops for employees.

A large part of the project was to create an image based on our research findings, which would differentiate Kavalan from other, more established, brands of whiskies in the market.
From Packaging to bottle design and graphics, everything about the Kavalan brand had to be both reminiscent of traditional whisky, with a modern twist to represent the forward thinking attitude of Taiwan. The bottle shape was designed as a departure from most traditional shapes and was designed as the embodiment of a new, modern and energetic brand.

Subkarma also drew upon its experienced design team to apply its distinctive Kavalan look to all the brand's channels of communication, including website, blog, Brochures, posters and many more promotional material.


After a little more than 10 years, the Kavalan brand has emerged as a serious player in its field. A total unknown half a decade ago, Kavalan is now widely recorded both in Taiwan and overseas, and it has created a bit of a reputation among Experts aa surprise package. Kavalan has won many awards and occupies good shelf space in most alcohol selling stores and supermarkets, as well as prominent exposure in the travel and duty free channels. Kavalan is well on its way to becoming a global brand and is Currently being sold in markets such as China, Taiwan, France, the UK, Germany and USA. 

Selling whisky from Taiwan to the world is the kind of challenge that Subkarma relishes. Very few endeavours are impossible in our eyes, if done correctly with a mixture of logic, intuition and creativity. That's how we silence the doubters!

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