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Since its creation, more than 30 years ago, Manford has never stopped evolving. Manford is a group that owns three brands specialized in CNC for the global market.  

The CNC industry in Taiwan and across the world, however, is very competitive and with the opportunity to apply for Taiwan's Government sponsored branding budgets, Subkarma was seen as an obvious partner to give the Manford brand new impetus.


As with many manufacturing businesses, we are at a bit of a crossroads, where founders and handing over to the next generation. In addition, the relentless growth of lower cost emerging markets is making branding more complicated and challenging.

Manford needed to reinforce the values ​​which have made them who they are whilst showing that they are looking to the future and in line with latest manufacturing and communication trends.


As with most of our projects, we conducted an in-depth survey of both the company and its key players, as well as an audit with Manford's international clients.

This exercise was critical in evaluating customer needs and how Manford performs against those needs. It was also a great opportunity to compare both internal and external views of the brand.

Subkarma decided to reposition Manford's brand as one that looks firmly to the future, and that meant making a number of changes. The brand needed to be redesigned to match a more futuristic image. Manford also needed to stand out in the industry by owning its red "M" .

In addition, we spent much of our efforts on creating an online presence for the brand. Subkarma set up Manford’s own Youtube channel and has started creating online content regularly for its buyers, showing that it is in touch with current trends.

A new brand video was created, together with a media buying plan.

And to cap it off, Subkarma redesigned Manford’s booth and tradeshow strategy in order for them to stand out at the Timtos show .


Following a successful rebirth at TIMTOS 2019, MANFORD turned heads at EMO 2019. The results were better than expected as MANFORD drew attention from hundreds of visitors and industry leaders. By show’s end, Manford had secured a number of new buyers. The rebranding launch was a phenomenal success.
In 2020, MANFORD received a 2020 Taiwan Excellence award for its VU-620 5 axis machine center.

That’s how you give machine a heart.

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