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Shiuan Long has passed on its deep respect for what makes tea authentic through 3 generations of traditional tea-making techniques, with the result that today, Shiuan Long is a very successful B2B high-end tea company.

Shiuan Long contacted Subkarma through Taiwan Good Agriculture with the desire to create a fusion tea brand focusing on European market, especially the United Kingdom and France.


The new brand, combining mid high mountain teas and local ingredients, targets the mid to high-end market and offers an original and competitive alternative to high-end teas. The project’s challenge was to make it stand out in the European tea market, mainly dominated by modern foreign brands and Asian brands with a very traditional image.


Subkarma conducted an internal audit and a market research on European tea to identify the opportunities and have a good understanding of the European consumers.
To enhance the consumers' curiosity and encourages the discovery of new flavours, the new brand, Purple Tiger, reflects a strong tea heritage and blends it with a dash of audacity and youth.
Asian, trendy and curious, Purple Tiger suggests a new way to taste Asia in a cup of tea.

Purple Tiger's image is young and colorful. On the shelves, the packaging surprises. It associates bold colors with  Asian characters and ingredients illustrations; A subtle and trendy combination of dynamism and delicate Asian tea tradition.


Today, Shiuan Long's new generation brings renewed energy and creativity to the industry by combining famous Taiwanese Oolong Teas with a variety of ingredients and creating new, surprising flavors.

Purple Tiger’s Turmeric Black Tea has been selected as one of the top 10 innovative products of the year in Taipei International Food Show and Purple Tiger’s Chamomile Oolong Tea has received a superior taste award from the International Taste & Quality Institute (Brussel, Belgium).

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