Subkarma to subkarma 3.0

20 years in branding and here we are. The metaverse. 

Subkarma is evolving into a Web3 compatible Branding Agency; Subkarma.io

Subkarma.io isn’t your average creative agency. 

We are fast becoming a Decentralized Autonomous Branding Agency (D.A.B.A.) created for the metaverse that provides real life and virtual experiences. .

In other words, we push the boundaries of branding further than most dare to imagine. We tell inspiring stories as we bring digital assets to life and transform IRL(in real life) brands into Metaverse-ready ones. 

Taiwan’s first Branding3.0 Agency and Digital Asset Creator. 

Subkarma.io is part of Subkarma.

Discord |https://discord.gg/nPnTEZrG

Website | http://subkarma.io/

Twitter |https://http://twitter.com/Subkarma_io

Instagram | @subkarma.io